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In the Food Biz: Nourish Schools

We were lucky to catch up with Katherine Sumner, the co-founder of Nourish Schools, along with Casey Seidenberg. This creative company produces recipe cards which make cooking healthy meals with kids easy and fun.

Their Super Food Cards set contains the simple tools you need to create a healthier life. Each of the eight waterproof cards contains all of the information you need to cook a specific category of food. The cards include easy-to-read charts and secret tips.

Here are Katherine’s answers to our questions about her own cooking style and food favorites.

What is your favorite lunch to pack for your kids? My boys love a rice bowl with veggies and a splash of tamari. Then I always add a piece of seasonal fruit.

What was your favorite meal as a kid? For lunch, I loved homemade tomato soup with grilled cheese, and dinner was my mom’s chicken curry with all the toppings – sliced egg, peanuts, pineapple, chutney and her homemade salsa fria.

What sounds “scrumptious” to you? Homemade butternut squash soup with a dollop of crème fraiche – YUM!

What was your “aha” moment for starting your biz?

In our group cooking classes as well as our individual sessions, we would put together “charts or cheat sheets” for each food category (greens, grains, beans, etc.) to make it easier for our clients to take the information they learned and use these “cheat sheets” to incorporate them step-by-step.

Then one day while working with an individual client she asked why we didn’t sell these cheat sheets – “AHA!” Her question as well as our own desire to have an easy reference guide in our own kitchens on healthy foods, prompted us to create our first set of the Super Food Cards: A Cooking Class On A Card.

What is your fave meal or recipe you sell? On our Grains Card we included one our favorite recipes, the Quinoa Muffins, as they are great for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack or a great appetizer!

What do you cook with your kids the most? Homemade soups, granola and gluten free muffins.

What is your favorite sweet treat? Dark chocolate covered almonds!

As far as a fun fall recipe, my boys always love “Taco Tuesdays” so we like to mix it up a bit with our Adzuki Bean Tacos with all the toppings, as it is easy and fun to say!

Adzuki Bean Tacos


2 cups of cooked adzuki beans

1 tsp sea salt

1 tsp ground pepper

1 tsp chili powder

1 tsp garlic powder

1 tsp minced cilantro

Corn tortillas

Toppings: grated cheese, diced avocado, fresh salsa


Mix together 2 cups of cooked adzuki beans, 1 tsp sea salt, 1 tsp ground pepper, 1 tsp chili powder, 1 tsp garlic powder and 1 tsp minced cilantro. Serve on corn tortillas with your favorite toppings, such as grated cheese, diced avocado and fresh salsa. Serves 4 to 6 people. Rachel Teichman is the founder of OOGIAH, an online resource for Jewish families who are moving or traveling throughout the US. The site includes a blog full of creative ways for families to cook, craft and play together. Rachel has edited the SF Bay Area family events calendar for Red Tricycle, along with writing about family-friendly restaurants. She also managed the online shopping channel for the Austin American-Statesman. She is a mother of two, and she loves to bake scones! You can find out more about her here.

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