The Amazing Relay Race

Because of obstacle courses and relay races, there is always fun to be had with kids! If it is nice outside, a course can be set up in the backyard. And if it is raining or too hot out, indoors works too. Everyone already has items around the house that can be incorporated into some fun challenges. Kids can add their own ideas, and they can create an obstacle course for their parents too!

Jump Through Hoops: Kids can hop or jump through hula hoops laid out on the ground.

Sponge Toss: Kids can throw a wet sponge into a bucket.

Box Step: It is fun to pile boxes into a tower, and kick it down.

Roped Off: A jump rope or string ties between two trees can be crawled under.

Spray It Don’t Say It: Kids can write a letter or words with a spray bottle on dry cement.

Rock ‘n Roll: Kids can find a rock that can be rolled along a line on the ground.

Beach Ball Bump: Kids can see how long they can keep hitting a ball up into the air.

Bag Toss: Zip top snack or sandwich bags can be filled with water, closed and thrown between two kids. Until they open!

Bubble Up: With bubble soap poured into a dish, kids can find a non traditional bubble wand! They can try a piece or grass turned into a circle, or a couple of sticks or even their fingers! Leave It Alone: Kids can hold a leaf in each foot and walk without dropping them.

Some or all of these activities can be set up and done over and over. If lots of kids are playing, they can form teams and play relay style, where each kid has to do each activity before they can all move on to the next.

Everyone can cool off afterwards with some refreshing homemade popsicles. Rachel Teichman is the founder of OOGIAH, an online resource for Jewish families who are moving or traveling throughout the US. The site includes a blog full of creative ways for families to cook, craft and play together. Rachel has also edited the SF Bay Area family events calendar for Red Tricycle, along with writing about family-friendly restaurants. She is a mother of two, and she loves to bake scones! You can find out more about her here.

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