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If you are looking to add some dramatic flair to your child’s next birthday party or playdate, just ask Rebecca Posamentier! As a founding member of Bay Area Children’s Theatre, and the Director of their Youth Education Program, Rebecca knows how to get creativity flowing!

For her daughter’s sixth birthday party, Rebecca created a photo scavenger hunt where groups of kids searched their neighborhood for all sorts of interesting finds. The number 6 was used a lot, but any number can take its place! She gathered their old cameras, but the adult in each group could offer up their smart phones if so inclined. Using photos is a great twist on the traditional scavenger hunt, because the sky is literally the limit on what can be found.

Here is the Spectacular Scavenger Hunt which can be edited with your child’s age, and altered based on what works for your location.

Spectacular Scavenger Hunt

You have 30 minutes to find and take a photo of as many of these items as possible.

  • The number “6” on a house

  • The number “6” on a license plate

  • The number “6” on a curb OR mailbox

  • 6 twigs lined up in a row

  • Your team making silly faces in front of a stop sign

  • 6 smooth, flat stones lined up in a row

  • Your team looking bored waiting for the bus (at bus stop)

  • 6 windows in a house (in single photo frame)

  • 6 bricks on a wall

  • Your team standing on one leg in front of a very large tree

  • 6 pebbles in a circle

  • Your team fighting a pretend fire with a real hydrant

  • Snowflakes in a window (can change to appropriate seasonal decorations)

  • A garden hose

  • A lemon tree

Bonus photos:

  • A bird

  • A squirrel

  • A dog

  • A worm

  • A neighbor

Rebecca also likes giving out books as party favors, which everyone appreciates. This also shows just how important it is to Rebecca that children love books in all forms, be it on the printed page or actors belting out tunes about pink cupcakes and lost stuffed bunnies.

For more information on BACT’s upcoming season, you can check out the BACT Calendar.

Rachel Teichman is the founder of OOGIAH, an online resource for Jewish families who are moving or traveling throughout the US. The site includes a blog full of creative ways for families to cook, craft and play together. Rachel has also edited the SF Bay Area family events calendar for Red Tricycle, along with writing about family-friendly restaurants. She is a mother of two, and she loves to bake scones! You can find out more about her here. PHOTO CREDIT:

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