The Ice Cream Scoop

Just because fall is upon us, it doesn't mean that frozen treats need to exit the freezer! A friend of ours recently invited us over for a modern day ice cream social to welcome some of her new friends to town. And what better way to lure people over than with ice cream?

She had everyone bring their favorite toppings. Of course she asked in advance what everyone wanted to bring so they didn’t end up with ten jars of Maraschino Cherries! There was a great selection of fresh fruit, candy, syrups and whipped cream. And of course gallons of ice cream!

As long as there are kids, there will be ice cream! And no one wants to interfere with the love of this sticky sweet confection, which adults love too, but there are a few ways to add a little more nutrition to the mix while still keeping it fun.

For these ideas I called on my cousin and ice cream entrepreneur, Tanya Rubin! I was lucky enough to finally visit her Fro Yo Fresh ice cream and frozen yogurt shop in Tampa last spring. It was so fun to try all of the flavors and toppings. My daughter loved the ever popular “Peanut Butter Blast,” and of course my son was partial to the red, white and blue “Superman” flavor!

Tanya says that, “Anytime of the year is a good time for ice cream, or fro yo for a lower calorie choice!”

Here are some ideas she found to jazz up an at home ice cream bar:

-Making Your Own Brownie Bowls allows you to control the ingredients by choosing your favorite mix or ingredients. It looks like so much fun too. The bowls can be filled with frozen yogurt or ice cream. Traditional yogurt and fruit would be good too.

-Fruity Cones are a fun way to get the feel of eating ice cream, since you still get to have the cone! These would be fun with berries or mixed fruit salad. There can also be a surprise scoop of ice cream or frozen yogurt at the bottom of the cone.

-Popsicle Stick Frames can be created to decorate a Polaroid photo or traditional print of kids enjoying their ice cream. Portraits or selfies (of the kids or their ice cream) work well. The sticks can be decorated with tape and glued together. Then a magnet can be stuck on the back. Cool frozen yogurt spoons would work as well!

Her ideas for an at home ice cream bar are never ending:

“I suggest cutting up as many fresh fruits as possible in fun colorful bowls. Strawberries, bananas, red raspberries and blueberries. To get your children to try a new fruit, cut up fresh mangos, peaches, and apples with cinnamon and honey. Kiwis are also fun to try!

Try fresh organic vanilla granola, gluten-free graham crackers, animal crackers and white chocolate yogurt pretzels. Add some fun toppings like sprinkles, sour gummy worms, gummy bears, Swedish Goldfish, and of course cherries on top! Oh! Don't forget the whip cream!!”

Don’t worry, we won’t!

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